natalie smith
founder + lead design

mavisBLUE | who?
Hi! I’m Natalie, I'm the founder and lead designer at mavisBLUE.com.
I’m a lover of patterns, paper, prints and decorating little people spaces.
I love old-school caramels and secretly ​(or not so secretly) want to
live in the fictional town of Cabot Cove, ME.

​mavisBLUE | why stationery?
I've always loved design and when my children arrived, I realized that I had found myself in the corporate world for far too long doing something that I wasn't excited about! With that, I decided to take a break from the 9-5 to start my own company, be my own boss and ultimately support my family by being more present!

mavisBLUE | the name?
mavis has always been my favorite name however, when my little girls arrived; the name just didn't fit either of their crazy personalities. I was destined to have someone take ownership of the name so when I formed my small business, it all clicked. Blue just happens to be my number one color so when my two favs met--it was a perfect coupling!